While GoFundMe moves massive amounts of money towards kindness through the power of crowdfunding, surveys showed that only 24% of users felt GoFundMe was a trustworthy company.

Our goal was to transparently communicate GoFundMe's policies and values to users; ensuring their awareness, understanding, and sense of inclusion and protection.

Work & Co • Design Director

Collected artifacts; not design solutions

We began by collecting references of some existing touchpoints where Trust and Safety was either already being mentioned, or could be further emphasized in a more effective manner within the context of the experience.

Badge explorations

We explored some icons and badges that could be used within the GoFundMe ecosystem as a symbol of trust and safety — similar to verified badges on social media platforms.
Badge in-situ (FPO)

Our aim was to create a hub and spoke model, in which users can see that a campaign or message was backed by the GoFundMe Guarantee, with a link to learn more.

Pricing & fees section

We wanted the look and feel of the experience to mirror the framework of transparency and intentionally leaving out any sense of fine print. We used color to reinforce that this was a core pillar of GoFundMe and an extension of the brand itself.

For users interested in diving deeper to learn more, our solution was twofold: a dedicated section that is just about pricing and fees coupled with a GoFundMe Guarantee section that speaks to trust and safety on a sitewide level.

Pricing calculator in action

One of the core features of the Pricing & Fees page was the pricing calculator, which utilized a simple input-output visualizer to break down the fees collected.
Doing the math for the user

The goal was to highlight what the end user — in this case, the beneficiary — would receive after a campaign has concluded. The calculator also factored in bank fees.

The Guarantee section

Lastly, for users interested in learning more about the GoFundMe Guarantee and how it helps protect the policies outlined in the pricing section, users can browse this section which also includes instructions on how to file a claim.


The project was a highly collaborative process between the design team at Work & Co and the product team at GoFundMe, which included weeks of iterations and fine-tuning before arriving at our solution.
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