With 1/3 of Americans suffering from sleep issues, Audible Sleep was designed as a native app for iOS and Android to help users ease into slumber with the help of narrated stories.

The aim was to create an effective visual system and a set of interaction patterns that didn’t add unnecessary friction or visual resonance to users looking to wind down and disconnect.

I&Co • Design Lead

My role on this project covered a lot of ground — from gathering research and drawing up end-to-end user journeys, to detailed designs of the final deliverable. The team was quite lean, and every member involved wore many hats to get this across the finish line.

Browse through content

The foundation of the app was Audible’s vast library of existing content, along with a commitment to investing in more sleep content — from narrated stories to ASMR and ambient soundscapes.

Track detail
Session overview

Users have the ability to browse through an array of options before deciding to play a standalone track, or use that track to generate an entire night’s session.Opting for a session gives the user an itinerary-like overview of what to expect before the user’s designated wake-up time.

Different states of the session player

The player itself was designed to be as unobtrusive as possible, so as not to disrupt users seeking to disconnect and fall asleep. Once a session begins, no further action is required of the user until it is time to wake up.

Documentation of icons

We developed an extensive set of documentation for all design elements, and ensured guidelines were created for both iOS and Android. Art direction guidelines were also documented so that the design team at Audible can replicate the process at scale in the future.

Process for generating images

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