Complete e-commerce overhaul and extension of a rebrand to all digital touchpoints. I helped lead design efforts within a small but mighty and fast-moving team.

The result was an elevated look and feel paired with a clean yet sophisticated design system that adhered to strict accessibility guidelines without compromising on elegance.

Work & Co • Assoc. Design Director

The art direction was drawn from a concept by the branding agency Collins, and was centered around the use of collage. Typefaces were brought in from Grilli Type, and my team at Work & Co were chosen to oversee digital and e-comm. 

The framework of the design was built around a grid system that could not only flex for different viewports and screen sizes, but also varied in scale, including hierarchically to give certain products prominience or draw attention to promotions. This flexibility also allowed the grid to stretch from editorial to utility. 

The theme of subtle elegance with pops of eye-catching details — dramatic shifts in type scale, play of contrast with a clean design that doesn’t feel cold — was carried through all the way down the shopping experience through checkout.

This entire experience was scaled and adapted for various digital digital touchpoints — from a responsive website, to the app, to interactive in-store shopping displays. 

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